gabe watson – what?

Here are just a few of the reported facts about the whole situation where Tina Watson died while scuba diving, due to the actions of her newly married husband Gabe.

  • The ocean floor was about 30m deep where they were diving.
  • Gabe had previously done dives as deep as 45 meters.
  • Gabe was a qualified rescue diver, trained and accredited in rescuing divers who had lost air, lost conciousness, were sinking etc.
  • Gabe’s instructor was shocked and puzzled by Gabe’s assertion that he didn’t know how to handle the situation – he had apparently been trained in almost exactly that kind of thing.
  • Gabe claims his face mask was hit by his wife and after he righted it, he saw her sinking.
  • Another diver is reported as seeing him and his wife locked in a “bear hug” for some time before he headed for the surface and she sank toward the bottom.
  • Gabe filed a lawsuit against his travel insurance company but withdrew it on grounds that he might “incriminate himself” in light of the Australian murder investigation.
  • Gabe has been filmed removing flowers from and vandalising his late wife’s grave.
  • Gabe now lives in the house he inherited from his late wife Tina with his new wife.

All very puzzling. I certainly know what I’m inclined to believe, and it probably doesn’t sit too well with his 1 year sentence he received today. Hmm. On the other hand, I don’t understand his motive. Hmm.

Edit: Okay after some more reading, I understand his motive.

I’m of the opinion that fucker is getting off very, very lightly.

myeloperoxidase helps make chest goo green

myeloperoxidaseI’m pleased to report that it’s iron containing enzymes like myeloperoxidase that ensure that the colour of the stuff that comes out of your chest and head while sick is a charming green. Present in neutrophils (a type of white blood cell), this enzyme will convert hydrogen peroxide and free chloride ions into hypochlorus acid – not too dissimilar to what you use to clean your bathroom floor.

Sadly, spewing bleach all over the place tends to kill neutrophils, sending their proteiny remains out into your tissue to brighten your day. These are the things I think about when I cough up goo.