Things I Wouldn’t Want To Be Swept Away By #15

When visiting New Zealand earlier this year, I climbed Mt Ruapehu – well, some of it anyway. At the time, I marvelled at the sternly worded warning signs like: “Did you know? Volcanic mud travels down gullies” and “Do you know what to do when the siren sounds?”

After watching this (from 2007), I can see why. Volcanic lahars – now on my list of things I wouldn’t want to be swept away by.

How about those IP addresses, huh?

The internet protocol version 4 address space has around 4.3 billion addresses. The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority has divided those up into 256 blocks of around 16.7 million addresses each. As of October 2010, only 12 of those blocks remained.

Here was XKCD’s map of the internet as of 2006:

Map of the InternetAnd here’s a map of where we were at in October (only white coloured squares are available, the others are colour coded by the year they were assigned):

Turns out as of yesterday there are only 6 of these blocks left. And two of them are about to get claimed by ARIN. It looks like IANA will run out of blocks by February, after the last four are claimed by RIPE and APNIC. The various Regional Internet Registries will run down their remaining allocations, and by around June of next year there will be no more addresses left! Quite the end of an era, really. Good thing everyone’s ready to make the switch to IPv6*!

* everyone is definitely not ready to make the switch to IPv6.

Credulous nonsense

“[…] all these sports stars getting on board. Everybody swears by them. We’ve got people with arthritis wearing them, we’ve got 9, 10 year old kids playing sport with them, we’ve got tradies wearing them, even behind a computer cause you get backache, a lot of people like that are wearing them […]”

The same phenomenon of credulousness that enabled Firepower International to become one of Australia’s largest sporting sponsors and to fleece idiots out of millions of dollars is back, baby! Okay, you’re right, it most certainly never left in the first place. Eken Power Bands are selling “surgical grade silicone” bands with holographic discs (four, much better than two!) to put magical frequencies into you that make you able to stand on one leg like never before. They cost seventy dollars.

What’s more troubling is that the athletics department at Colorado University are selling a very similar product with the university logo on it. That’s right – a university, and not even a shit one.

So … how about that scepticism huh? Wouldn’t it be worth, you know, checking out whether or not they actually work from someone without a vested interest?

Anyway, they do a pretty compelling demo. Here’s how it works – excuse the rather special intro music:

Moving house! 700 whole meters away!

That’s right, it’s all nearly organised. We’re heading in to sign the rest of the lease tomorrow, I put on a deposit today and signed much of what needed scribbling on. Ing and I are moving house up the road to Enmore, the weekend after next. Soon, you too can enjoy looking at trees from this balcony:

And may perhaps sit on some couches and drink some drinks with us in this livingroom:

Sadly it’s an apartment and not a fancy lovely house, but baby steps right?

Whaddya think?