Liberation! By white men, telling women what to wear…

A short and sweet rant today. Once again, Sergio Redegalli, the owner of Cydonia Glass in Enmore is in the news stirring up shit about women and burqas. Now he wants to paint another mural, more prominently “[…] depicting the suffering of women.”

I don’t particularly like the burqa. I don’t particularly like organised religion, including Islam. I don’t particularly like the subjugation of women, whatever its form. However, I really don’t understand how some privileged white European bloke telling women what they can and cannot wear according to his sensibilities is supposed to be liberating.


It’s a very small world, really.

On the outside crust of this tiny little dot, we hang about in a layer of gas which gets too thin to breathe in far less distance upward than the commute from my house to to my work.

Can’t we all just get along? And keep this place nice for ourselves and those yet to come?

Never see smh or theage autoplay videos again!

Do you hate Fairfax’s horrible auto-playing videos? How about their retina-searing flash ads and giant fluorescent ad-wrap-arounds? Well, worry not!

First, download Adblock/Adblock Plus:


Use the EasyList filter (this kills all the ads). Now, add the following custom filters:

(In Firefox: Tools -> AdBlock Plus Preferences -> Add Filter…)

It should look like this:

Hooray! No more stupid freaking horrible autoplay videos and ugly ads! Win!

Now Accessible via IPv6

I guess this is a bit of a follow-up to my post from last November about the impending IANA IPv4 address exhaustion. On November 30th, 4 of the last 6 IANA /8 blocks were allocated, leaving just two. It’s anticipated that APNIC (the Asia-Pacific Region authority) will pick up these last two in just three weeks time. From there, it’s likely our region will be the first one to run entirely out of IPv4 addresses in November of this year.

Last week I decided it’s probably a good time to put my money where my mouth is and get IPv6 enabled at home and on this website. In Australia, Internode is the only ISP offering native IPv6 (and they don’t provide tech support yet) but given the fact that no ISPs will be able to get new addresses for customers by November, I’d imagine a few others have some plans in the works.

Enabling it at home was real easy:

And enabling it on here wasn’t too hard either, with some instructions on the Linode wiki. Now, if you’re a giant nerd, you can access this site via IPv6:

If it doesn’t work, you probably haven’t gotten IPv6 working properly. Good luck! 🙂