Stay up there, Aussie Dollar!

(aka stay down, US dollar!)

I’m going to NYC in a couple of weeks, which is very exciting. What is also exciting is that the USD is, um, not doing so great. Many folks have been talking about the Aussie dollar being particularly strong, but I’m not convinced. Here is a picture to illustrate why I’m not convinced:

Click for big!

I mean, the Aussie’s not doing too badly, but … yeah. There you have it.

Now stay down there! I want to buy things!

oh yeah, here’s the PIIGS debt position

You may have seen this already, but courtesy of the New York Times: A spiffy graphic illustrating the colossal debt position of Portugal, Ireleand, Italy, Greece and Spain. It’s worth noting that the UK has a national debt of around £952 billion (or around US$1.42 trillion), so somewhere around the same level as Italy. That figure represents around 53% of British GDP, while Italy’s figure represents a proportion just less than twice that. Click for full-size.