Eclipse Photos Are Up!

Edit: Here is a video of the moment of totality, taken from about 50 meters away from where I was watching 😀

And here is the sun, fully eclipsed (thanks JJ!)



I’ve uploaded some photos from my eclipse adventures! There aren’t many of the eclipse itself, I only had my iPhone on me at the time. I’ll pinch some from my friend who took a few DSLR shots and throw them in the album soon. Anyway, you should click here and take a look, if you like.

Here are a couple of tasters.


Moon Stage

The best camera is that good one you have that you remember to bring

Sure, the best camera is the one you have with you. But phone cameras, wonderfully ever-present as they are, really can’t hold a candle to a decent point and shoot.

Here’s a picture of my window just now with an iPhone 4 (click for bigger):

Here’s that same picture again, with my point and shoot – exactly the same lighting (click for bigger):

Here’s a 100% crop of the iPhone:

And here’s a 100% crop of the point and shoot (click for bigger):

So why do I keep forgetting to take my freaking point and shoot with me? IT FITS IN MY POCKET!!


NYC Albums Are Up

I’ve finally gotten around to uploading most of the pictures from our trip. No photos of people, but I might put a few of those on Facebook later. Click the pictures to get to the album. Enjoy! 🙂

First day – wandering around the place
Empire State Building

Brooklyn & Coney
Abandoned Ride, Coney Island

The view from the top of 30 Rock
Central Park from 30 Rock

Central Park & the Zoo
Across the Lake

The Guggenheim, and Otto’s Shrunken Head
The Guggenheim

Wandering about downtown
Why? Dunno

A few pics from Williamsburg
Brooklyn Bowl

A jaunt around Brooklyn
The El @ Brooklyn

A trip on the ferry to Staten Island, then a trip on the aerial tram to Roosevelt Island
Down Roosevelt Island

A visit to just a tiny bit of the ridiculously huge Metropolitan Museum of Art
A Small Hallway

Scooting around on our last full day
From East River State Park

pretty pictures

Last night I finally finished uploading my many, many photos from New Zealand to my gallery, and a small selection to Facebook. Here are a few tasters, either click on the image or click “gallery” up the top to view them all (edit: you need to register to see any pictures of people such as me):

Steam 'n' Algae
Thermal Spring at Orakei Korako
Huka Falls
Huka Falls
Through Treees
Kaiteriteri - near Abel Tasman National Park
Long Shot
Fox Glacier

i added lots of pictures

From the Eiffel TowerCheck out the gallery link at the top of the page, or the random images on the right – I’ve uploaded a whole heap of photos from my laptop from a couple of previous overseas trips and whatnot. I’ll upload more when I go away later this year. In the meantime, I haven’t really got anything to photograph right now.