idiot namesake: applies for adidas job!

Do you think my idiot familiar will be successful in his application for a job at Adidas as a team leader?


I wonder if I can figure out how to withdraw “my” application?


What sort of mischief can I wreak upon this survey?


Good luck, idiot namesake!

stuff my idiot namesakes get emailed about

I have a pretty sweet gmail account – it’s my Fortunately for me, I got in early and snaffled it way back when gmail was new. Unfortunately for me, there are other people around the world who share my name, and can’t seem to figure out what their own email address actually is. I suppose by entering mine into countless online forms, they hope that they will somehow claim it through sheer force of will.

Only now has it come to me though, that I really should be sharing with the world what my much stupider doppelgängers are doing with themselves.

They’re signing up for Pirate101:



They’re signing up for Marapets:


And they’re signing up for Herotopia:


They’re also leaving the Hyatt quite early tomorrow morning:


More crap as it arrives.