tell everybody where you are

Google Latitude offers the ability to display the location of your friends in real-time on your phone handset. Until now, it’s been available on Android phones, Windows Mobile phones and most Nokia S60 phones. From (probably) next week, however, it’ll be available on your iPhone or iPod touch… and therefore might actually start getting used by people.

Somehow, the ability to track people’s locations is kind of creepy to me. Not quite sure whether I’m gonna use it when it’s there, but it’s interesting nonetheless.


m_6e84611ad0fb72fcdfb467bed52df0c1I really don’t have the words to describe the awesomeness of Battles at the Opera House last night. Whilst it was a little strange to be trying to bop around in a seat, the sound was phenomenal. It’s quite something to see these guys lay down just about everything live, from sequencing to sampling to live vocals with umpteen filters to some very excellent guitar work.

Check em out on myspace.

holy shit, google wave looks amazing

I must say, after seeing the keynote presentation for Google Wave which was unveiled this morning, I can suddenly see how as latency and throughput of internet connections improve, new paradigms in communication will evolve. If you have the time (probably about an hour or so), check out the keynote presentation at the bottom of Google’s blog post on the topic.

Imagine the power of a rolled up real-time conversational and collaborative tool for anything from a quick chat to an ongoing team-based document creation effort. Complete with rich text, images, audio, video and pretty much anything else you can think of.

swine flu and the 1953 korean armistice

North Korean missile launchShould we really be that concerned about swine flu? Perhaps there are bigger fish to fry. I’m not too sure if most people have noticed that in the past week, North Korea has performed a successful underground nuclear test much larger in yield than their failed 2006 effort. They’ve also tested 3 separate ballistic missiles and have declared that any search and seizure by the US and South Korea naval blockade will be considered an act of war.

Oh yeah, and they’ve decided the 1953 armistice is moot thanks to the blockade. Meanwhile, the top story on both and is about the swine flu, an illness recently commented on by a Canberran bureaucrat who had recovered from it – “I’ve had worse paper cuts.”