why i’ve been quiet


I haven’t posted a whole lot recently! It’s for good reason, I’ve been training a couple of trainers from Manila in the Philippines in my favourite product to enable them to train in one of work’s offshore call-centers. As a result, my days have been real busy – lots of fun, too!

The other interesting news which you may or may not already know about is that I’m going to be heading over to Manila myself sometime in October to accredit these trainers in the delivery of the course. At this stage it looks like being about a 6 or 7 week stint, roughly around the same duration as my last trip when I went to Delhi in 2006. I’m looking forward to being spoilt at a fancy hotel again. I’ll probably forget how to clean my room for some time. There’ll definitely be a whole lot of photographs and posted updates right here once I go. In the meantime, all might be a little quiet. Stay tuned!

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