i went and bought wot.is

Posted on 26 May 2010

In celebration of the ongoing ash cloud menacing europe, and also because I can’t control my geeky impulses, I bought an icelandic domain name. Pretty cool, huh? Predictably, I can’t think of anything terribly useful to do with it, so I’ve loaded YOURLS onto it and am using it as a custom URL shortening service.

Fancy! Feel free to point out what a sad geek I am.

2 responses to i went and bought wot.is

  • VigRosedeWindill says:

    That is a celebration of geekiness, something that we can all be proud of

  • cam says:

    Whee! Meanwhile, wot.is still doesn’t work at work. I hope it’s a slow DNS update-y kind of thing and not some sort of anti-Icelandic bias.

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