machete – catnip for gun-toting conservative wingnuts

I’m not sure that it’s possible to come up with a more politically inflammatory trailer than this one for the US immigration nutters. I’m led to believe that the entire membership of free republic are loading their weapons as we speak.

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  1. The writer of that article takes an angry trailer depicting explicit violent action against conservatives and somehow twists it into a message about conservatives being the angry violent ones? IDGI.

  2. Oh no, please don’t get me wrong. It’s an explicit, violent film targeting conservatives, I agree. It’s extremely inflammatory and seems almost entirely designed to provoke a similar response. It wouldn’t be fair to say I’m implying all conservatives are angry and violent – that’s entirely and obviously untrue.

    Surely though, there are some freepers loading guns right now.

  3. True, but they probably would have been loading guns already.

    Could you imagine the reaction if a conservative director made a similar movie? “Colorado: You just unjustly banned hand guns on campuses. Here’s a movie about an armed student uprising where we gorily kill off liberal gun-control stereotypes.” Can’t you imagine that some people would be freaked?

    And yet this kind of thing is somehow entirely acceptable…

  4. Yeah, it does nothing but push people towards the extreme and incite violence. Most people that don’t have much of a problem with illegal immigrants might have a problem with illegal immigrants _threatening to kill people who disagree with them_. Myself included!

  5. The best responses so far have been the dude who wanted Jessica Alba to be arrested for inciting violence and a bunch of people complaining that this will “ruin Robert De Niro’s career!” Because Rocky & Bullwinkle, Analyze This/That, and the whole hideous Meet The Parents/Fockers/Fockers II: Electric Boogaloo didn’t already do that.

  6. Well, the movie has been on the cards for a few years- evidently Rodriguez just took the chance to go for the relevant angle for this re-cut trailer. And yeah, a pretty silly fun looking bit of Mexploitation.

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