Oh dear, another climate change post

I had a bit of a vehement chat with a few people at work yesterday about climate change. You see, a colleague of mine was saying that “of course the climate is changing, it changes all the time! We only just had the little ice age. The change has certainly got nothing to do with us though, and what a great big waste of money all this business is. “

Another added: “besides, it’s all based on dubious modelling anyway, there’s no actual evidence that any of this is happening. We don’t have reliable temperature records and the satellites have only been up for the last 30 years or so. What about all that time before modern temperature recording?

Al Gore got it all wrong, and there’s been a cooling trend for the past 20 years. Europe and the US have just had some of the coldest winters on record!”

Meanwhile as you can see above, Arctic sea ice is at record lows this year. 2010 looks set to be one of the hottest years on record. As of the end of May, the previous 12 months to May 2009 are the hottest globally in the past 130 years. 2009 ends Australia’s hottest decade on record. Very few scientists with credentials still disagree with the notion of anthropogenic climate change. At least one of those remaining appears to have been caught cooking the books.

It’s time to ignore the popular debate, it’s chock full of misinformation. Look at the fundamentals. Go back to the basics, and read about climate. I’m so sick of strong opinions backed by nothing but talking points!

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  1. I think the “climate changes all the time” people are funny. Particularly when they don’t realise this implies a high climate sensitivity, rather than the negative-feedback-dominated climate they keep pushing.

    A bit like the “carbon dioxide is too insignificant to have an effect… and the greenhouse effect is saturated” crowd and the and the “CO2 is plant food, nature is removing it… and the CO2 rise is coming from nature” crowd.

    Oh, what the hell. Plenty more contradictions at Skeptical Science:


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