God Damned Creepy Facebook

I only just noticed this tonight, no doubt this has been happening for a while. If you have the Facebook iPhone app installed, it has an option to “Sync” your contacts. Perhaps I didn’t read carefully enough when I first enabled it, but I had the impression it would search for contact matches on Facebook and download their birthday and current profile pic to your phone. What I didn’t realise was that it also uploads your entire phonebook to Facebook who kindly hang on to it for you, “just in case”.

You know, to help match you with friends and slowly assimilate everyone you’ve ever contacted into the ever growing collective that is Facebook.

Here, check this out (click for full-size):

This is just the start of my Facebook phonebook – consisting of some 400ish entries, perhaps 250 of which are not actually Facebook friends. See those entries with no picture and the invite link? Yep, they’re unmatched phonebook entries, straight from my mobile.

Am I being unreasonably bothered by this? It seems really, really creepy to me.

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  1. I’m with you – I think that the way FaceBook now gathers information (it does the same thing if you accidentally give it access to your gmail account!) is a lil creepy.

    I’m guessing the response from FB would be that they disclose it in the fine print… knowing that the fine print rarely gets read in detail…

    Question is – how hard is it to now remove this information from your FB account?


    1. There is a link there at the top of the Phonebook page to delete contacts imported from your phone. I’ve given it a go – it says it can take a few minutes for the contacts to be deleted. You need to also disable the Sync function on the iPhone app to ensure contacts aren’t re-imported.

      I might have to check back on it tomorrow, because after ten minutes, the information remains there in the phone book for now.

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