Here, an interesting book on the tenets of Christianity

Well, I suppose I’ve put a bit of my politics out there – I probably should throw some religion in too, to further my lack of manners.

When I was about 16, I read “Resurrection: Myth or Reality?” by John Shelby Spong, a former Anglican bishop. At the time, I still went to church, but was just beginning a proper examination of the whole business.

As someone who had always asked a lot of questions, I found the book to be a pretty novel and challenging way of looking at Christianity. Spong digs deep into the historical and cultural context within which the Easter myth exists. He takes quite a scholarly approach, and the exploration is certainly not for those who’d rather their literal interpretation of Easter (or indeed, Christianity) remain unchallenged.

Thanks to a little inspiration from Pharyngula – “Sunday Sacrilege: Metaphorical Acid“, it’s popped up in my mind again and I might have to give it another read. I’d be interested to see what over a decade and a large shift in perspective might bring to the re-reading. From what I remember, I’d recommend it if you’ve got any interest in the Easter mythology.

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