Liberation! By white men, telling women what to wear…

A short and sweet rant today. Once again, Sergio Redegalli, the owner of Cydonia Glass in Enmore is in the news stirring up shit about women and burqas. Now he wants to paint another mural, more prominently “[…] depicting the suffering of women.”

I don’t particularly like the burqa. I don’t particularly like organised religion, including Islam. I don’t particularly like the subjugation of women, whatever its form. However, I really don’t understand how some privileged white European bloke telling women what they can and cannot wear according to his sensibilities is supposed to be liberating.


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  1. Finally! What a relief to read this!
    The man is an idiot, a fame seeking idiot.
    And the thing is he is succeeding! His name and his gallery are now known because of his hateful and ignorant mural.

    He is not opening up a dialogue as he destroys any responses to his mural. Artworks in the surrounding area are all monitored by him and he destroys and removes art from walls that don’t belong to him.

    He is an oppressor of women, expression and freedom of speech.

    1. GlitaGrrl, you have such anger issues, your acting like a tool. Your attacks on my friends and staff make you more of a fool than you already are.
      Take a chill pill and start asking questions and start asking people WHY they do things.

      1. So, not up for actual debate then, Sergio? Just felt like dropping by for a bit of mudslinging and then heading off somewhere else to peddle your misogyny?

  2. I can back up glitagrrls observations. Any anti-burqa sign or leaflet gets torn down overnight. Mine were up and down Enmore road and were still torn down. The only anti-burqa signs that I have seen survive longer than a couple of days are the ones that are painted over with a thick layer of glue.

    The whole “free speech” argument is a bit rich when it comes to Sergio..

      1. try thinking that other people in Newtown don’t agree with you, what makes you think that a few people like you represent this area, most of the people in the area are close friends for over 30 years, they just don’t have time to play childish games. Peopel like you come and go all the time, your not part of this core community, so go get a job and move out.

      2. “[…] go get a job and move out.”

        That’s some awesome “debate” you’ve got happening there, Sergio.

      3. “[…] what makes you think that a few people like you represent this area […]”

        Sergio, what makes you think a man like you represents Muslim women who wear burqas?

        Also, what relevance does your mural have to the Newtown demographic?

        For your mural to reach its full potential, I absolutely encourage you to seek the permission of the council to reproduce your very important mural in Bankstown Square. The Muslim population is much more concentrated in South West Sydney compared to Newtown, and therefore you could deliver your very important message to those whom it actually pertains to.

        Unless, of course, you are not actually interested in what Muslims or Muslim women think.

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