4 Replies to “waaaaaaaaa, online sales are sending us broke!”

  1. So, we can send jobs off-shore, but not our shopping? Some global, free-market Utopia right there. Where’s the anarchic world of global money flinging that so many assure me is so good for me and everyone else?

    Individual importing should be illegal, but so should being a rip-off merchant.

  2. Yes. Where are people going to work in the future? We shut down our manufacturing sector. We’re in the process of destroying our retail sector. All that’s going to be left for the un/semi-skilled population is hospitality; selling terrible beer to pisshead Australian hayseeds. We can’t all be in IT or accounting.

    I’m just loving how the economic cowboy antics of the 80s and 90s are coming to bite us on the bum. I hope the “developed” world drowns in the free-market cesspit it created. Would you sacrifice the job of your fellow citizens to save $10 measley dollars (that you would have otherwise probably wasted) on ink cartridges or something? If so, you’re a selfish cunt.

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