Edit: Replaced Noddy with the full raw footage from Channel 7. Really, really strange viewing.

Tony Abbott says “shit happens” in a totally reasonable situation, without malice and without being dismissive. There is no story. Mark Riley confronts Abbott about this on television. Abbott is literally shaking with rage, and still may bust some faces later. Okay, now there’s a story!

Heh. Ooooooooohhhh cranky Abbott!

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  1. As much as I enjoyed Abbott’s reaction, I think this is another example of 7 News acting completely unethically (the other being David Campbell’s outing). Abbot’s remarks seem pretty reasonable in context and it’s really not in the interests of the public to unnecessarily invoke that soldier’s death and cause extra grief to his family. He had every right to be seething. Sadly for him, he came out looking insaaaaaane!

  2. Yeah seriously, I may have said the same in his position. The soldier to whom it was said replied “it certainly does”. It’s a non starter. If Abbott had handled Riley with a bit of composure it would have been a total non starter. As it is, it’s hilarious.

    But yes, channel 7 are nasty fuckers.

  3. It’s stories like these from Channel 7 that makes me glad that I get my news from pretty much every source EXCEPT TV! Shoddy, trashy, and without a shred of integrity. Shameful at best.

    Oh and I’m about as far from a Tony Abbott supporter as there is…the real story is yet another example of Channel 7 doing what they do best.

    But I do like the “Noddy” reference 🙂

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