Good old creepy Facebook

Sure, I was only cursing them out 5 months ago, but having undergone Facebook Re-education I now love big brother.

Actually, I’m kind of torn by the Facebook Connect stuff that’s popping up all over the web (including just to your right over there). On one hand, hooray for sharing stuff with everyone. On the other hand, It’s really weird seeing my face pop up when I visit random websites.

And I’m just not so sure about the fact that ol’ Zuck the sociopath seems to have hoovered up control of a gigantic slice of social interaction on the Internet. I’d love to see people diversifying a bit – maybe getting on Twitter for the chatty type stuff, Flickr for photos, I dunno. But it’s so convenient to have it all in one place. Most of all, it’s so convenient to only need to maintain one set of connections with people.

It’s the most powerful asset that Facebook has – your friend list. Just try exporting it. The Facebook police will be round at your house with rubber hose and phonebooks in no time.

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